Lock your Programs, Apps, Folders and Websites with WinGuard.

Password protect Desktop and Store apps.

WinGuard locks your app using password protection. It does this by scanning for programs you add to its blacklist. If a match is found, WinGuard stops the application and displays a password prompt.


Lock any app with a password;
Lock Software Installations;
Lock MS Internet Explorer;
Lock Windows File Explorer;
Lock Program Installers;
Hide Drive C or All your Drives;
Lock All Administrator Tools;
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Lock apps with passwords


Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.


After you purchase the software you are sent an Activation serial number by email. Cannot find it? Check Junk, Spam folders. Next, Open WinGuard Pro from the program group on your Start Menu. Enter your password when prompted. The program loads, you'll see on Program Lock tab a link on the right reads Activate, click this. Copy the serial number from the email and paste it in the Activation dialog, click OK. Winguard restarts, password entry appears. Next it should read Activated.

What's the default password?
For WinGuard Pro 2016, there may not be a password, so just click Continue / OK and the program will resume. Otherwise use: letmein

How do I get a new keycode and re-download software?
Email us your order number and we will issue a new one. You can download the software from the download products page.

Canceling the password dialog doesn't work
Some program tasks are Administrator and WinGuard cannot close them automatically. You can close the manually by click the button next to Cancel. Just right click the program task in the Taskbar and click Close, return to the password dialog and click Cancel.

Cannot lock a specific Program
WinGuard only blocks the exact match of the Window Title. For example:��Microsoft Word - Document 1”. Simply entering ��Microsoft Word” would not work. The best thing to do is open the application you want to lock and on the on Tasks tab of WinGuard Config tool, click browse and add/lock the program that way.Also, putting the program in Startup may make the program load twice, as it already has a load entry in the registry.Final thing to try is, open Config tool, on Tasks tab, uncheck the option “Enable Task lock", click Apply, then recheck it and click Apply and close. Restart your computer.

Terms of Use
We welcome you to try out the WinGuard Pro for 30 days. After-which you can then order for a full license. The full license will enable you to use WinGuard on the number of PC's you specify (in the Quantity field at Checkout). Users that upgrade to the full license also receive unlimited features. Ordering a license lifts this limit and gives you greater flexibility, whilst at the same time; using a legally activated license for your needs.

Privacy Statement
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